A Scope Of Applications

Example Selection

Events & Concerts

Never miss a concert or event of your favorite artist or sport club with the best seats always reserved for you. 360° VR Live Stream or VOD. Be part of the band on stage or fly over the crowd captured with a 360° spidercam or octocopter. We record your event with binaural audio to fully immerse yourself in the moment!

Real Estate & Touristic

We take your property or resort into VR. You can walk through, sell and present it – all over the world in real scale and with total immersion. Imagine to teleport your costumer to any place in a second.


The virtual space creates a clarity, in which complex relationships and information are much easier understood, processed and thus can better be memorized. Through interactive hand-tracking, we are literally able to grasp knowledge and to interact with it.

Fashion & Retail

VR allows an unparalleled brand experience with greater emotional connection than traditional media. From motion captured models for virtual presentations to completely new product worlds.


Virtually travel around the world without any constraints or boundaries. Visit your favorite sights, spots and landmarks or even go timetraveling to acient rome. Interested in traveling to space? All you need is our VR Solutions and an Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR or Sony Morpheus.


Projects, models and data can be graphically visualized and brought to life. A valuable tool for planning, presentation and sale. Display your range and make your customer experience innovation.


Step inside your brand experience and feel the emotional impact for your own. Your product will be more emotional-ized then ever before! Stop watching and start exploring.

Industry & Engineering

Products and their configuration can really be experienced before they are ordered. Your Customer can explore your company and philosophy – from manufacture processes, individual components, functions, safety features to visionary product worlds. Present your enterprise, anywhere at anytime on just one square meter or more.

Virtual Showroom

Imagine a unique world of your collection for every season, completely tailored to your label. Enlarge your event space and opportunities to infinity. Your complete product range comes to life with the personalized “holodeck” for your brand.

Power Of Virtual Reality

  • New Technology of Storytelling

  • Unique Brand Experiences

  • Pervasive Product Presentation

  • Sense of Scale

  • Presence

  • 100% Attention

  • Realtime Multi User Interaction

  • Teleportation

  • Full Body Experience

  • Profound Emotional Levels

  • No Limits

  • Total Immersion

  • Long Term Memory Effect

  • New Communication Plattform

  • Intense Media

  • New Perception

  • Mind Expanding

  • Education

  • Multi Sensoric Interfaces

  • Corporate Design Integration

  • Big Data Visualization

  • 1st Time Access To Deep Emotions

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Tactile Stimuli

  • Scent Communication

  • Exceptional Motivation Tool

  • New Optimization Potentials

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