We have all the minds you need to build these new worlds


Jan Thiel
Creative Director & Event Implementation

Co-Founder with 10 years expertise as executive Creative Director in multimedia events and live marketing. Specialised in large-scale projections, vertical performance, holography and interactive 3D mappings for clients from Automotive, IT &Technology, Architecture, Fashion to TV & media. Lecturer at AMD in the field “Live Communication“.

Michael Albrecht
Technical Director & Audio Solutions

Co-Founder and virtual reality evangelist since day one. Expert in inter-disciplinary technical solutions for most immersive VR experiences. 12 years background in audio production of international TV & Cinema Commercials. Composer, Sound Engineer , Producer for brands like Hugo Boss, Red Bull, Pantene ProV, Deichmann, Schüco, Sensation White.

Michael Plängsken
3D Design & Modeling

Since two decades passionate in 3D. With 14 years experience as a professional 3D Lead Artist and Animator with a background in Industrial Design. Experience with planning and implementation in film, television and game productions worldwide.

Peter Marszalek
3D Conception & Management

More than 15 years experience as 3D artist with a focus on modeling and simulation. Director of several productions in animation and visual effects. Experience with national and international productions for movies, TV and games.

Alexander Samouridis
3D Engine & Animation

Master in Design and Animation. In the past 15 years he has acquired skills that make him a nightmare for unsolved problems! Specialized in Character Animation and Rigging, 3D Engines, for international game, TV and cinema segment!

Martin Geupel
Lighting & Rendering

More than 10 years of experience with expertise in a broad range of rendering solutions and techniques. Specialised in pipeline development and custom toolsets for international TV, cinema and game cinematics productions.

Malte Maas
Motion Capture

Started his Motion Capture Studio in 1998, with a strong focus on figure and Character Animation. Strongly believes that the visual presence of a person in a virtual world is a crucial factor. Nothing leads immersion, communication and attention more than the actual view of a person.

Dennis Schey
Sound Engineer & Composer

Founder of AS-Music and Sound Engineer and Composer for audio production of international TV & Cinema Commercials like Hugo Boss, Red Bull, Pantene ProV, Deichmann, Schüco, Sensation White. Live performances with established artists of the electro scene since 1995. Plays guitar & Keyboards.

Our References In The Respective Fields

From CGI, Sounddesign, Music Production, Event Organisation, Creative Media Production, Concepts, Animation, Content Design, Facetracking and more…


No other means of communication is as interdisciplinary and pervasive. Each project will be implemented by us with new, creative and innovative methods: Motion Platform, sensoric immersion, 360° binaural audio, motion capture, face tracking, input, locomotion, design, visual, auditory, tactile stimuli, interaction, communication up to scents…

It all adds up the goal of the presence and the complete attention of the visitor in the newly created world with proper implementation and optimization.

We are all experts in our respective fields and create innovative, mind-expanding experience. With the latest VR technology, such as the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR and Sony Project Morpheus – we are able to design immersive imagery of a brand, to create and map product lines – in an unprecedented fascinated way.

We believe that with every project new ideas, technology, experience, and quality make the foundation for all communication. To close and overcome the gap between digital and physical reality.

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