A4VR is a one-stop creative agency specialized in Turn-Key VR experiences.


Motion Capture Studio

Fullsize marker & markerless studio including operator, motion equipment, wireless suite for realtime VR fullbody tracking and data cleaning service for animation.

Realtime 3D Unit

3d graphics unit specialized in virtual reality content production. Starting from animation to high end lighting, asset design & VR optimization as well as individualized engine coding.

Music & Recording Studio

Two state of the art production studios with singer/speaker cabin and surround monitoring system focused on VR sounddesign, soundscapes & music production and with binaural 360° audio recording equipment.

360° Film & Photo

Capture any real place, product & event as a 360° VR experience as well as virtual walk and video fly through, factories, galleries, hotels and special sights. Anywhere in the world!


The best VR experience in regard to your live communication, brand and corporate vision. Seamless integration of VR solutions into your event, exhibition or roadshow.

Innovation Unit

Interdisciplinary experts in multi sensoric solutions, haptic feedback, scent communication, specialized hardware design & construction. Close-partnered with cognitive scientists, machine & system engieneering as well as applied computer science.


  • Simulator Development

  • Game Engine Programming

  • Technical Planning

  • Binaural Audio Production

  • Wireless Motion Capture

  • Technical Support

  • Optimised Workflow

  • Fully Customizable Options

  • Mocap Studio

  • Event Implementation

  • Stage Design

  • Close Client Cooperation

  • Rapid Prototyping Pipeline

  • One Stop

  • Laserscanning

  • Music and Sounddesign

  • Top Notch VR Integration

  • Realtime 360° Capture

  • Roadshow Support

  • Transparent Processes

  • 3D Realtime Unit

  • Event Support

  • Innovation Unit

  • Modular Network

  • Efficient & Creative

  • Closed Production Cycle

  • Fully Optimized For VR

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